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Online Sports Betting in South Africa

Watching professional athletes perform at their peak is a recognized national pastime in South Africa, and when you have money down on an event it’s even more exciting and immersive. Betting online is a great way to keep up with all the action, while staying on top of all your daily responsibilities as well. If you’re interested in finding out more about this exciting world, you’ve come to the right place.

The First Choice of Many

Online betting has many advantages over offline betting, and it is easy to see why it has become so popular in South Africa and the rest of the world. First of all, the huge research resource of the Internet is immediately available to you. You can research any prospect as thoroughly as you like, which will make you feel more confident about your wagers. You can also easily monitor events as they unfold, and adjust your wagers accordingly with thrilling in-play betting options.

Secondly, with no geographical restrictions, you can bet from wherever is most convenient for you – whether from the comfort of your own how or, thanks to wireless wagering, from anywhere your daily life takes you. There are many more choices available to you than there would be at a land-based bookie, and you won’t incur any travel or other incidental expenses so punting online can be much more cost-effective as well. The country’s favourite games of cricket, rugby and soccer are all well-represented, as well as tennis, golf, American baseball, basketball and football, and almost any other sport imaginable.

The other great thing about betting online in South Africa is that most sites offer incredible promotions and odds, and are very easy to navigate. They’re all in competition with each other for our valuable business, so they go out of their way to make it as pleasurable and rewarding as possible for you to keep you from investigating their opponents. These are quite creative and change regularly, so stay on top of them to get all the bankroll-boosting benefits you are entitled to.

The multitude of options, in sports markets, betting possibilities and different betting sites, can actually seem quite overwhelming, especially to begin with. That’s why you always need to do careful research before putting any money down. Read through online guidelines to make sure you understand the ins and outs of any event you bet on, including the wagering options available to you. With sports betting online reviews of the sites are also very important; there are so many that the best way to find quality opportunities is to check them out based on reviews from a site you trust. Spend some time reading through guidelines and reviews to find the ones that are most helpful to you, to get the best from the time you spend betting online.

Choose Your Online Betting Resources Carefully

For seasoned land-based punters, online sports betting will completely recharge your experiences, and for novices, a new world of thrills awaits. For all players, online reviews of sites and guidelines to events and wagers provide essential support every step of the way. Take the time to find the ones that work best for you – you really will reap what you sow.

Sports betting MasterCard

MasterCard Delivers Online in South Africa

With all of the advantages that online sports betting has over its offline counterpart, it has become the first choice for many sophisticated South African punters. Not only do you have a much wider range of markets available to you, it is also much more cost-effective and much more convenient. The fabulous bonuses and superior odds that sites use to tempt you to visit them and not their competitors make things even more rewarding.

Deciding how to manage everything you deposit and win is very important. You need a system you can trust, that is also simple and user-friendly, so that you can relax and focus on wagering and winning. It is highly recommended that you research as many as possible, and for sports betting MasterCard is a great option, so it’s the perfect place to start.

Security and Support

One of the first things you should check when considering any online transaction system is how safe it is. Many people are especially wary of using their cards online, because of the very real threats of card theft and identity fraud. MasterCard is well-protected, with SSL Data Encryption used for every transaction. This is an industry gold standard, and has been found to be one of the most effective ways to safeguard your money and information online. The trusted name also has a great team of Customer Service Agents available to help you deal with any administration problems quickly and easily, so you can get back to the punting action fast.

Using the MasterCard System Online

MasterCard has been known and trusted offline for years, and seems to be just as reliable online. You can use credit, debit and prepaid cards for your digital transactions, all with very low fees or sometimes even none at all. Some online bookmakers actually offer special bonuses to those who use MasterCard to make transfers, so it can actually be actively rewarding as well.

The process is the same whatever type of card you use, and is very simple. You need to navigate to the cashier interface of your chosen South African sports betting site, choose the Deposit or Withdrawal option and then choose MasterCard from the drop-down menu that appears. The first time you do this at any online sportsbook, you’ll have to spend a little time putting in all your information, including your card number if using a credit card. These details will all be saved and Auto-filled in all future transactions, keeping things smooth and easy. After you’ve entered the amount that you want to transfer you’re done, and your funds will be available almost immediately.

Advantages of the MasterCard System Online

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Competitive transaction fees, and sometimes no charges at all
  • Excellent security measures
  • Potential bonuses as incentives for using this transfer method

Empowering Decisions

If the MasterCard system is appealing to you, you’re ready to start reading reviews of online bookmakers in South Africa and deciding where you want to use it. If you’d like to consider more options, you need to check out reviews of other potential transaction options. For both of these, keep looking until you feel totally satisfied with the sites and banking method you choose. It’s your money and your leisure time, so make sure you stay in control.

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Getting the Best South African Sports Betting

Novices and experienced offline punters will all enjoy the online sports betting sites available in South Africa. They are much more convenient and economical than land-based bookmakers, and offer much wider choice as well. It can actually be overwhelming to decide where to visit and put your money down – there are so many fantastic options, and also many that are quite shady and best avoided. To help you negotiate these waters, it’s best to find a review site that you really relate to and trust. They can point you in the right direction and you can decide which betting sites to visit and try out for yourself based on the reviews that they give, to make things a little easier.

These review sites often offer great guidelines and advice as well, and there are other websites that are purely dedicated to helping you refine your betting decisions and strategy. Once again, it’s important to find the ones that explain things in a way that makes sense to you. You can gain great insight into the different markets and betting options, which ultimately makes for a much deeper and more satisfying punting experience. You can take all the advice and tips you receive on the games, and on different online betting offers, and use them to make shrewd decisions that net you big wins. The more time you spend at online South African bookies the more you will be able to do this instinctively, and the more advice you will pick up. To get you going, check out the basic tips below.

Guidance for Any Event

There are several different wagers available, on teams and individual players, and every sport you can imagine can be punted on. The best strategy is often to diversify and choose several of these bets. The different betting guides go into all of the options in great detail, and explain what to look out for, such as the ladder, odds and injury reports in a rugby match. Boxing is more reported on, with more facts available, than almost any other online betting sport, so it’s a great place to begin your online wagering career. Check players’ age, height, reach, trainer and win/loss ratio to begin with. As you grow more confident, you can expand to other facts, tips and sports.

Bonuses for Any Event

To keep you away from their fierce competitors, most quality betting sites in South Africa and the rest of the world offer tempting odds, easily navigable interfaces and fantastic bonuses and free bets. These online betting offers can really boost your bankroll, betting power and winning potential, so it is well worth it to spend some time finding the ones that suit you and benefit you the most. When you register at a sportsbook there is usually a lavish welcome bonus, and later rewards include great loyalty programmes and match or percentage bonuses for recruiting new punters, visiting at certain times, and several other creative situations. These match and percentage rewards put the full amount you deposited or a portion of it into your online sportsbook account. Try to choose bookies that reward your style, such as strong recruitment bonuses if you often introduce friends to sites, to maximise your takings.

More Rewards all the Time

Online sports betting in South Africa is always exciting, and the more you do it the shrewder and more rewarded you will be. Enjoy the process of gaining all these insights but don’t forget to keep your eye on the prize – massive takings and other prizes!

online betting guide

The Value of Good Sports Betting Guides

The online sports betting opportunities available to South Africans today are better than they have ever been before. You have a much wider choice, for less money, than you would have at any land-based bookmaker, and you can visit them whenever is convenient for you. Whether you want to access the sites from the comfort of your own home or, with mobiles devices, from anywhere else every time you have a moment to spare, your gambling can dovetail beautifully with the demands of your everyday life. You can also research any prospect you are interested as thoroughly as you like, thanks to the limitless resources of the World Wide Web.

Having so many fantastic betting opportunities available is really exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. You need to look for review sites that you trust, to use as a spring board for investigating the many different online sportsbooks that South Africans can visit. Most of these sites also offer in-depth online betting guides, to explain the sport and offer tips on how to put money on its events, and there are stand-alone websites and applications to help you develop and refine your insights and strategy too. These are great tools for everyone, whether you are a novice or a seasoned punter. Wherever you are in your betting journey, they offer valuable support and advice including help on deciding who to back and, what the best bets are at each juncture, data and stats on specific situations, and much more. To learn a little more about the guides, read on.

Starting Out

The more time you spend at the exciting online South Africa sports betting sites available, the more you will get a feeling for the markets and wagers that suit you best, and the more your own strategy will develop. When you find the games and races you are most interested in, look around for in-depth sports betting guides on these, and don’t stop until you find ones that are really useful. As you begin punting, the basic pointers outlined here should be enough to get you going.

The big cricket and rugby matches are always very popular in our country, and you should look for the odds, ladder and draw whenever you are putting money down on a rugby game. When betting on a cricket match, check the odds on batting and bowling and, if it’s a test match, the straight-up odds as well.

Boxing is another South African favourite, and there is so much to find out about fights that this sport is a great place to get familiar with online betting and to build your confidence. To start with, find out about the history of a player’s trainer, and about the player’s reach, age and height. When you’re betting on soccer, check the ladder standings, injury reports and odds for that particular beautiful game.

When you’re betting online there are no geographical limits to deal with, and South Africans are able to punt on events happening all over the world. Spend time finding as different sports to punt on – a diversified portfolio is a strong one.

A Worthy Investment

Good sports betting guides can really help you to bet wisely and shrewdly, and are essential to really satisfying online wagering. Any time you put in to finding the ones that suit the way you look at games and your style of thinking will reward you several times over.

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Online Betting in South Africa

It’s always great to watch professional athletes do what they do best, and when you have money riding on the outcome it’s even more thrilling. South Africans have always known this, and watching and betting on events are almost national pastimes in our country. If you stay alert and keep your wits about you, you can take away some serious money and really enjoy yourself. In fact, some of the best online betting in the world can be found right here in South Africa.

Advantages to Online Betting

Online betting is superior to offline betting in several ways, and more and more South Africans are realising this. With no geographical limitations, it doesn’t matter where you are when you want to put money down, and it doesn’t matter where the event is taking place either. You can access online sportsbooks from the comfort of your own home or, thanks to mobile technology, from wherever your busy life takes you. This integration into your life is really convenient, and with no travel or other incidental expenses, online betting is a much more cost-effective option that land-based betting.

Being able to access the Internet as you place your bets is also very useful because you can research any team or contender you are thinking of backing, immediately and in as much depth as you like. You can also stay on top of any new developments, such as injuries. Learning about these as soon as they happen will help you make better decisions, and will empower you with confidence.

One of the best things about betting online is the way sites lavish bonuses and other promotions on their visitors. These are intended to keep you from being tempted over to the completion, so sites are always trying to outdo each other and themselves. Bonuses can be awarded for making deposits, referring a friend, punting at certain times, and in many other circumstances. Choose sites that offer rewards matching your playing style, and register at several different sites to take advantage of the day’s best odds.

Every Kind of Sports Betting Online

The world-class online betting sites available in South Africa offer punting opportunities on and sport or racing event you can think of, and some that you probably can’t. As you spend more time watching players and betting on them, you will gain your own insights and will place shrewder wages. There are several online guides to sports, other advice on improving your wagering strategy, and tips on specific events. These, as well as the through reviews to most betting sites that you will find online, can really help you have the best online betting experience possible, so make sure you find ones you can trust and relate to.

Turbo-Charge Your Betting Online

Online betting is an exciting new world for novices, and offers a way of shaking up your punting if you are a seasoned enthusiast. Either way, enjoy the many different options available to you and use the support you can find online to get the most from your betting journey.

best online betting sites

Online South African Betting That Suits You

With so many great online sports betting sites in South Africa, deciding where to put your money down can be quite an overwhelming task. One of the best ways to do it is to read online reviews of the bookmakers, and then try the ones that come highly recommended. When choosing where to spend your time and hard-earned cash, there are a few considerations to remember. If you take the factors outlined below into account, you should be well on your way to finding the best online betting sites to suit you.

Decide How to Visit

You can usually visit online South African sportsbooks either by going directly through your web browser, or by downloading and installing applications. There are advantages and disadvantages to both these options, and deciding which is best for you and your system is quite an individual task. For example, applications usually offer smoother experiences, but browser-based visits don’t take up any of your device’s memory. If you’re using a public computer it might also be best to visit via your web browser, as the risk of viruses is less. Decide what suits you best, and then make sure the sites you choose can accommodate this.

Decide What to Bet On

For the best online betting experiences, the sites you choose need to offer the bets and markets you want. This can change over time as your tastes and style evolve, so be sure to check out new sites frequently. For example, as you gain more insight and experience with South African soccer, you might want to expand to betting on European football games. You might also want to look into more exotic punts as you progress along your betting journey. The more you diversify your punting portfolio, the stronger and more likely to yield profits it is. Remember you can choose from almost any type of sporting event you can imagine – rugby, cricket, tennis, horse racing, bowling and anything in between – happening anywhere in the world. The more you visit online bookies, the more insight you will gain and the more you can expand your range.

Check the Promotions

The bonuses and odds that a sports betting site offers can really affect your takings. Check the history of the odds given in comparison to other sites, and register with several different bookies to take advantage of the best odds of any particular day. The bonuses will fatten your account and allow you to bet and win more, so be sure to choose sites that offer the kinds of bonuses that will benefit you most. For example, if you often introduce new friends to sites, choose bookmakers that offer generous Referral Bonuses.

Check the Safety and Support

Make sure banking is secure, with a range of convenient trusted options, and that the site is endorsed and regulated by recognised authorities. You should also be able to access the Customer Support team when it is convenient for you, in a way that is convenient for you. If all this is in place, you can focus on your wagers and will have a much better experience.

Remember to Trust Your Instincts

All the factors outlined above are important, but so is your own intuition. If you enjoy the site you will have a good time, so don’t forget to take this into account.

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Maximising Your Betting Power

The online sports betting sites that South Africans are lucky enough to have access to are all in competition with each other. As they try to tempt you to bet with them and not their rivals, they offer fantastic perks such as superior odds and a whole variety of free bets. These allow you to wager more and win more, and with so many on offer all the time it’s almost wasteful to punt without them. If you’re interested in learning how to find and use the best free bets, read on below.

Keep you Betting Online

Ultimately, free bets are used to keep you interested and betting more money, so bookmakers usually add some terms and conditions to them. Read these through carefully and make sure you understand them well before you agree to anything. The playthrough stipulations, for example, can be quite steep if the payouts are especially generous. These requirements mean you have to place more bets before you can access your winnings, and you need to be sure you are happy with these. Don’t forget to also check the markets that the free bets apply to, as they are sometimes the least lucrative. Stay on our toes to minimise your risk and maximise your returns.

Types of Online Free Bets

Online bets may be offered for free when you sign up to a new bookie, and often have the least strings attached. As you play more there are many situations that reward you with Match Deposit Bonuses, where the amount of money you put down is equalled, or Percentage Deposit Bonuses, where a portion of what you put down is redeposited into your account. These basically amount to free bets, and may be given when you play at certain times, when you introduce new members, when you deposit over a certain amount, or for many different creative reasons. Find the sports betting sites that offer the best free bets opportunities for you.

Using Your Online Free Bets

The more time you spend on the outstanding online South African sportsbooks, the more familiar with different wagers and possibilities you will become, and you will really learn what works for you. You’ll know how to use your free bets most shrewdly, but to start you off in the meantime read through the two proven strategies below on using free bets well.

First of all, you should register with several online bookies at once, and then bet on every possible different outcome of the same event, all with your free wagers. You’ll be paid out no matter what happens, and won’t be risking any money of your own. The best free bets to use in this situation are Any Which Way but Lost bets and evenly matched bets.

Another option is to register at sports betting sites that allow you to use your Welcome Bonuses anywhere. If you use this bonus and your own money to put money on two bets at the same time, you reduce your risk and increase your chance of profiting, because one bet is actually free.

Win with Free Bets

By using your free bets wisely, you can take your winnings from decent to jaw-dropping. Stay alert, do as much research as you can and register at several trustworthy South African sports betting sites. You’ll be well-rewarded for the time you invest.

Online roulette South Africa

Games of Chance to Enjoy Online

Online casinos offer a myriad of entertainment options for players of all preferences but it’s interesting to note that the games of chance are often the ones that are the most popular. Slots are the world’s number one online casino game and these reel spinning forms of entertainment require little to no skill or strategy as they feature completely random results. Similarly, roulette is basically a wheel of fortune that a player must bet on which numbered slot they think the ball will land, and there’s little chance of working out a winning strategy when it all comes down to gravity or a random number generators algorithm.

There are of course systems that players have created that are supposed to increase your chances of a winning result, but whether these make much difference is always open to debate. Roulette players who are experienced will be familiar with the Martingale method and the D’Alembert system, whilst those who play slots will know that placing the max bet amount is probably going to give you the best chance of a positive result.

Fast-Paced Fun Online

If the results of these games is so unpredictable, why then are they amongst the favourite forms of entertainment enjoyed online?  For online roulette South Africa players the answer is simple. The suspense and unpredictable nature of the game is what keeps them coming back for more and as roulette is so quick and enjoyable, there’s always a chance that the next spin of the wheel could be your lucky one. For slots fans the answer is the same, it’s that ever-present possibility of  a win that keeps them engrossed and the fact that everything is up to chance makes the game so much more appealing.

Everyone’s a Winner

Games of chance also level the playing field dramatically as players can’t rely on skills and no amount of practice will really pay off. This means that even entry level players could win big and stand about the same chance as an experienced player of enjoying a positive result. With no skill required there’s no need to spend hours refining strategies and practicing the application of different theories, instead you can get right into the game and even learn as you go along. It’s also not necessary to take hours of your time to master the art of a game of chance, as a single spin could result in a huge payout, even if it’s the first time you’ve ever played.

Uninterrupted Game Play

Online casino games have made it even easier for players to enjoy their favourites and the free play mode on offer allows everyone to try out a game before they commit to it. For those who love games of chance these free games are even more important as they give you the opportunity to test drive the entertainment on offer and determine whether you want to risk your hard earned money or look elsewhere for another option.

It’s human nature to be curious, to want to take risks and to try our luck and see how far we can go, and roulette and slots offer us exactly what we are after, with the promise of potentially big wins should it be our lucky day.

Best Android Casino

Android Tablets, Books and Apps

In South Africa today, more and more people are using their Android smartphones and tablets to work and play online. With the increase in mobile technology, mobile devices have evolved into digital personal assistants. If own an Android smartphone or tablet, you will know that the major selling point is the unlimited amount of apps the can be installed on the device. The sheer number and diversity of Android Apps is astounding. There are apps for every conceivable aspect of your life. From word processors to cooking tips, pedometers to universal remotes, there is an app that is perfect for your needs.

Apps for Your Lifestyle

So how do you decide what apps to install on your Android Tablet? The first thing you need to decide is what you are going to use your tablet for. If you are going to use your tablet for work purposes, then you would probably install an office program along with a PDF viewer, Skype and maybe a note taker. Maybe you travel a lot; you can load a travel app that keeps all you relevant travel info and e-ticket numbers in one place. If you are going to use your tablet for recreational purposes, there hundreds of high quality games and apps to keep you entertained for hours on end. You can even use your tablet to catch up on the latest TV series or watch movies online.

Android online Casino Apps

If you are an online casino fan, you will be happy to know that playing online casino games on your Android tablet is as easy as pie. There are two easy ways to play casino games on your tablet. The first way is to simply navigate your way to the mobile site and play online using your tablets web browser. Alternatively you can download the casino app to your Android device. The best Android casino apps allow you to play for free and for real money. From the app you can sign in, make deposits, play games and even cash out your winnings quickly and easily within the app.

Android Books

But what about reading books? If you love to read but haven’t made the transition to e-book reading, then here are some facts. If you own an Android tablet, you can download a free e-book reading app and get access to thousands of free e-books online. If you are looking for the latest release fiction books, you can login and simply download it from Google’s Play store. These digital books can be instantly downloaded and viewed on your tablet at any time.


At the end of the day, your tablet is as functional as you choose to make it. If you want to keep it simple and only use your tablet for surfing the internet and reading books, that is perfectly fine. If you want to load your tablet with as many games and apps as possible, that is also fine. Most people customise their tablet to suit their lifestyle whether it be sports based, worked related or gaming, there is no end to what you can do with your tablet.

Android Casino Option in Detail for Players

In 2008 Android changed the face of mobile operating systems forever. Today, this open source OS has the largest install base on a global scale and more smartphones and tablets are powered by Android than any other operating system. The release was a game changer for the mobile industry, especially at a time when Apple was dominating headlines with their iPhone and iPad. Android offered an incredible alternative and as it was released by Google it was already backed by credentials that got people to sit up and take notice. Continue reading “Android Casino Option in Detail for Players”