Online Slots UK at a Glance for New Players

In the UK and across the globe online slots are the most played casino game and they continue to keep players captivated with every roll of their vibrantly coloured reels. Slots have a rich and illustrious history and have made the very successful progression from the corners of bar counters and saloons to the sophisticated land-based casinos in gaming Meccas such as Macau and Las Vegas, and finally to the online environment.

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Understanding accumulators

Understanding Accumulator Bets

With the sheer amount of bets offered by online bookmakers today, there is little wonder why so many become confused and dissuaded from betting by trying to learn them all. Moneylines, spreads, prop bets, and many more are just some of the types of wagers that bettors may come across. Of all of these, there are none quite like the accumulator bet, which has begun gaining huge popularity in Canada for a number of reasons, and is now among the some of the top bets available to everyone interested. Continue reading “Understanding accumulators”

Quick tips for new bettors

Quick Tips For New Bettors

If you are from Canada, you have no doubt heard of the thriving industry that is online betting. Sports are generally the most popular type of betting available online, although there are countless other options. On top of this, thousands of betting sites exist, including bookmakers, casinos, games, apps, dozens upon dozens of different bets, and incredible amount of information on all the aspects of betting. This is where the problem comes in, and new bettors will quickly realise that the amount of information, choice, and sites online makes it impossible to find exactly what you are looking for. Continue reading “Quick tips for new bettors”

Choosing An Online Sports Book

Choosing An Online Sports Book

Punters from Australia have a wealth of online sports betting establishments available at the click of a button. The Internet has become the preferred betting realm with punters from Australia and around the world opting for online spots betting over and above traditional outlets.

The wealth of knowledge available on the Interne coupled with the tools steady availability, has made online sports betting easy and hassle free, attracting countless punters from Australia to online sports betting markets. Continue reading “Choosing An Online Sports Book”

Online betting IS The New Standard

Online betting IS The New Standard

The complete convenience and simplicity that online sport betting establishments offer punters is one of the biggest reasons why online sports books have killed land-based bookies.

With a host of thrilling sports betting markets and sports bet types, online providers afford punters with the opportunity to lay wagers on sports from the comfort of familiar surroundings and at an easy tempo. Continue reading “Online betting IS The New Standard”

Reading and understanding betting odds

Reading and Understanding Betting Odds

Newcomers to the world of online sports betting may look at odds and be rather perplexed by how confusing and complex they seem but this should never deter them from enjoying the fun of sports betting. Gaining a simple understanding of how odds work and how to read them is all that is needed for successful betting and with experience will come a better knowledge and even more success.

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Is mobile changing the betting industry

Is Mobile Changing the Betting Industry?

Canadians have dramatically shifted towards mobile use over the past few years which means that even the betting industry is heading in that direction. Revenue has shown a dramatic increase in mobile betting which continues to grow as the platform becomes more and more the chosen route for many to bet on.

The easy internet access and the innovative creations of the smartphones and tablets have meant that bettors no longer even need to use a laptop to access their online betting accounts from various locations, they now have the access on a much more convenient device. Continue reading “Is mobile changing the betting industry”

Are online sportsbook reviews worth it?

Are Online Sportsbook Reviews Worth It?

If you are wondering whether online sportsbook reviews are worthwhile you should know that they are. Even though a review is essentially a personal opinion that may differ from yours, having a plethora of reviews of the same online sportsbook can give you a good idea as to whether the online sportsbook is worth betting at.

When it comes to the reviews of online sportsbooks you will typically find that they all examine all aspects of the online sportsbook and how it operates. A small handful of reviewers may also tell you to steer clear from a specific online sportsbook but if there are a huge amount of reviewers recommending it, it may just be worthwhile looking into. Continue reading “Are online sportsbook reviews worth it?”

Closer look at the top AU betting sites/bookmakers

What do the top betting sites in Australia have in common?

Online betting is fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. The appeal of sports betting is that it adds an extra edge of excitement when watching the sport or race. Online sports betting sites are one of the easiest and most convenient ways of betting on sports and there are many betting sites to choose from. The top betting sites in Australia all share a few common characteristics. We’ve outlined the top four below: Continue reading “Closer look at the top AU betting sites/bookmakers”

NZ Betting

NZ Betting

NZ betting, or betting on sports in New Zealand is a popular past time with people over the legal limit. Bets including horse racing football and even the lesser-known sports such as hockey. Placing a bet on a sport in New Zealand can either be done via the Internet or at the actual Stadium when the sport is being conducted or played.

There are a number of different online betting sites which cater to NZ betting, many of these sites of various promotions and bonuses for both new and existing members. Looking through the various sites before you make up your mind which one to commit your money too is always a good idea, as different sites offer different options. Continue reading “NZ Betting”