Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

The Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

The Boardwalk Hotel and Casino was located on the Las Vegas strip in Paradise, Nevada between the Bellagio and the Monte Carlo and across the strip from Aladdin, Paris and the MGM Grand. The hotel and casino establishment was built before the age of the massive mega casinos and only provided 654 hotel rooms.

The hotel and casino establishment was owned and operated by MGM Mirage and featured a carnival theme based on Coney Island. The resort’s façade showcased the carnival theme with a fake wooden roller coaster from 1906 and a parachute jump ride as well as a giant clown mouth which made up the entrance to the establishment.

The Boardwalk Hotel and Casino Features

Since 1996 the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino consisted of three distinctive buildings made up of the 16 story tower which had been completed in 1996, the Steeplechase building which consisted of six floors and the original four floor building which had been a Holiday Inn. The hotel rooms provided typical amenities and were brightly decorated to follow the theme of the place.

A showroom was available for live entertainment where cover bands played tribute to Elvis Presley and Prince. There were also a small variety of dining establishments including one that offered very low cost breakfasts. The sportsbook and casino was home to a variety of casino games and a sports bar which was located nearby the gaming action.

History of Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

The site of the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino was originally home to a 200 room Holiday Inn that opened its doors in 1966. Eventually, Norbert Jansen, who was the owner of Pioneer Club at the time, opened a Holiday Gifts adjacent to the hotel along with the Slot Joynt casino and in 1985 the hotel was renamed the Viscount Hotel. Norbert Jansen rebranded the hotel Boardwalk Hotel and Casino by 1989 but it had also been referred to as Holiday Inn Casino Boardwalk and Boardwalk holiday Inn.

Birth of the Coney Island Themed Resort

Boardwalk Hotel and Casino became a public corporation in 1994 called Boardwalk Casino Inc. In 1995 the Coney Island themed façade was built and the following year saw the completion of the 451 room hotel tower.

Mirage Resorts took over ownership in 1997 but it was only in 2000 that the Holiday Inn association and name was dropped when MGM Mirage took total control over the resort.

The Closing of Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

Since the resort was built before massive casinos it was relatively smaller than all of the neighbouring establishments which offered thousands of hotel rooms. This and the fact that space was need for a new development was the reason the the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino closed its doors and was torn down. The hotel and casino closed its doors on the 9th of January, 2006 and on May the 9th the main hotel tower was imploded.

The location was very central to visitors of Las Vegas which is why it became the location of the new development, CityCenter which is an urban complex for mixed use.