Online roulette

Games that Stood the Test of Time

Blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat have far more in common than just being incredibly popular online casino games. They also have the honour of having stood the test of time and made the very successful transition from the land based arena to the online world. Unlike more modern games such as video poker these games have a long and illustrious history and were originally played in the courts of the king and queen and other prestigious places.

Roulette is a game with an incredible history and this sophisticated and stylish game has long been associated with high rollers and players of prestige. Originally invented in the 18th Century, the word roulette means little wheel and Frenchman Blaise Pascal was at the helm of the first version of the game. During his studies on mathematical probability, Pascal invented what he referred to as a perpetual motion machine and this invention went on to become the roulette wheel we know and love today.

A few modifications were made to the wheel and before long; roulette was being played by royalty all across France. The new improved wheel featured numbered pockets from 0-36 and to this day remains the wheel used for European or French roulette games. In later versions of the game a second zero was added to the wheel, creating what is known as American roulette which has a higher house edge and offers more of a challenge.

By the 1800’s roulette was being played all across Europe, America and Canada and both versions of the wheel were in use. The casinos preferred the American style wheel as their edge was better, however many players still prefer the European version not only because it features lowers odds, but also because it was deemed the original. As the popularity of the game spread it became one of the most sought after forms of entertainment in establishments such as the Grand Monte Carlo casino and other revered gaming palaces. No longer just the domain of royalty, anyone could enjoy roulette and its reputation as a game filled with fast-paced action, suspense and intrigue kept patrons flocking to the tables.

Online roulette offers all the same excitement except in a digital version and with the advantages of being able to play faster and bet bigger. A number of exciting roulette variants have been released online in an attempt to diversify the offering and multi-wheel roulette, mini roulette and progressive roulette are just some of the intriguing options on offer. Roulettes transition to the online arena in the mid 1990’s was very successful and along with poker and blackjack it was one of the earlier games to be adapted for play on the web.

All these classic casino games that have been around for years have remained so for good reason and the online sphere has only served to offer them new life and a rejuvenated purpose. Being able to play roulette online is a major perk for many, and it also means you never have to wait for a table, that there’s always a croupier ready to spin the wheel and that your chances of a big win are ever-present.

Online roulette and other age-old games are a great way to have fun and one you’ve tried your luck you’ll fast find out why they remain so popular.