NRL Betting Online

The game of Rugby is quite a popular one, especially amongst the nations of the southern hemisphere, and has adapted some variations to its basic rule structure. In talking about the NRL and its betting setup the sport in question is actually that of Rugby league, one such variation of the game. Like the game of Rugby the betting with this notable Australian league can also be quite rough unless the punters are aware of what they are doing. This is because the sport is linked up with the betting and odds so punters wary of the games will have better chances at the NRL bets.

In learning the betting structure available through NRL sports betting the punters must also fully understand the league itself as well as the rules of the game. This will of course come intuitively to fans of the sport but to those rather unfamiliar this will give a large head start in learning the betting to come. Beyond the game and league there are a few aspects of the available bets that can be touched upon to collaborate the information involved and the finer details of the bets. By the end punters will know the best way to approach this form of betting and what to look out for.

Expanding the NRL and Sports Betting Horizon

Since learning is a big part of sports betting and allows punters to get the edge up on the odds and betting it is perhaps prudent to start with that. Looking in on the NRL for instance we find that the league consists a total of 16 teams from the Australasia area and has been played since 1998. Regarded highly as perhaps the premier Rugby league tourney, this league also carries with it a good deal of prestige and support in all their forms. This also means that online sportsbooks carrying betting toward this league will not be particularly hard to come by. Additionally since it is a league it spans over a fairly long period allowing for a range of betting chances and options.

The Ranges of NRL Betting Available

Taking a first-hand look at the variety of betting involved with this NRL sports bet option and it’s clear that there is a link between structures of event and betting attached. With this example there are several bets to place on the various results possible, involving the winners, runners up and even order. There are the bets for winning margin even and the teams themselves as well as even the players or specific moments. There is almost no end to the range of bets available and with the elongated period of play there is even more to dabble with.

Building a NRL Sports Betting Approach Online

Online betting has certainly changed the game a little and punters can now search for quite a few options before settling on a single choice. This means a little bit of prep work and the punters can get their hands on some better than average odds as well as a cushy setup online. This makes betting on the NRL a considerably easier and more enjoyable task than it was prior to the internet.



National Basketball Association (NBA)

The NBA was established in June 1946 and Maurice Podoloff was the first president.  The NBA was originally called the Basketball Association of America and had 11 teams.

NBA stands for The National Basketball Association and is a basketball league comprised of professional basketball players.  The NBA has 30 teams from North America and features the foremost players in the world.  The teams are broken into two conferences; the Western and Eastern conference and each of these have 3 divisions.  The NBA season has 82 games in total and usually runs from late October to mid April.  The NBA is the 2nd most popular sport in the US after NFL Football and is a popular sport for those wanting to place wagers on these games.  NBA betting NZ is not only popular for US bettors but for bettors all around the world.

Types of NBA Bets

The most popular NBA bets are money line, point spread and the score of a game.  The most popular bet is the point spread. The point spread is the rating or handicap given to each team. The underdogs have points added and the favourites have points taken away.  Bettors can make use of the spread to get in the range of -110 odds for a majority of the NBA games.

Money Line Bets

Money line bets are bets on which team will win the game and there is no point spread.  Because no point spread is used the odds are adjusted with the favourites using a negative indicator and the underdog a positive indicator.  When betting on a favourite to win the team is not required to have a point spread, they will just need to win.

Under/Over Bets

Total or under/over bets are where bettors try to predict the overall combined score of both teams.  The betting sites will post a number and bettors must then choose a number that they think is higher or lower.  If the score is too high than bettors will bet the under bet and visa versa.

Parlay Bet

A parlay bet is when bettors combine more than one single bets onto a ticket.  To win a parlay each bet must win or the bettor will lose the whole parlay.  An example of a parlay bet would be to bet the point spread and the money line and an over/under bet all on one ticket.  Most sportsbooks will offer increased odds for parlay bets.

Futures Bets

Futures bets, are bets on games that have haven’t happened yet.  These wagers can be placed on the ultimate winner of the NBA Championship as well as divisional champions and East and West champions.  Futures bets are made available long before the season and continue for the duration.  By choosing the underdog to win bettors will get better odds by placing a bet before the start of the NBA season.  If bettors place a wager on a favourite to win it is best to wait until the season has started to ensure that the team is performing well.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are fun and include placing a wager on such things as which team will be the first to score or which player will be the first to score.  The majority of online sportsbooks will have a range of different prop bets, particularly for the bigger games.

Understanding how the NBA works and the various types of bets on offer will allow a bettor to have the necessary tools to make a well informed wager.



Exploring 18bet Online Sportsbook

Real money sports betting is at the heart of 18bet. The sportsbook provides punters with the markets and services needed to place real money bets on a variety of sporting events.

The licensed and regulated platform draws inspiration from a popular Asian style of bookmaking, and uses software that offers punters streamlined betting online, with no need to download anything.

The sportsbook offers secure banking and easily-contactable support for punters. It also has a mobile platform so punters can place their bets using their smartphone or tablet.

A Look at 18bet Markets

The focus at 18bet is undoubtedly on sports, and its markets cover sports with a global following, as well as some sports that are not as widely popular. Major international events are covered, as are some smaller, local events.

Soccer betting is the online betting sportsbook’s most popular market. Among the leagues covered are the English Premier League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Champions League, Italy Serie A, the German BundesLiga, and the Spanish La Liga.

Other markets available at 18bet include basketball, boxing, American football, golf, rugby, and winter sports such as skiing. The online bookmaker has not yet made greyhound or horseracing markets available.

Betting Options at 18bet

While 18bet certainly does allow punters to place real money bets on sporting events before they take place, the online bookmaker is known for a focus on live betting. There are different types of bets punters can place.

Among them are Exact Score, First Half, Combo, Double Chance, Handicap, and Over/Under bets. When placing bets online, punters should take note that the events are organised by date, rather than by country, team, or league.

Many of the sport markets offer additional markets on selected events, providing punters with additional betting options.

18bet Real Money Banking

18bet accepts real money deposits in various currencies, via various payment methods. The online sportsbook’s banking service is available 24 hours a day, and all transactions are processed in a secure environment.

The payment methods punters can use to make deposits include bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards such as Visa, Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafecard.

The 18bet banking service is protected by 128-bit SSL data encryption technology. This prevents third parties from access punters’ personal or banking details.

The sportsbook runs promotions on a regular basis. Such promotions include welcome bonuses, as well as exclusive offers made to existing punters.

Support at 18bet

18bet online sportsbook offers support 24 hours a day. The main contact methods used by punters include email and live chat.

If punters experience any issues or difficulties with the sportsbook’s online betting slips, their account, or the banking service, they can get in touch with the support team.

18bet Licensing and Regulation

18bet is registered in Gibraltar, and is licensed and regulated by the betting and gaming authority of Curacao.

This ensures that the software, the odds offered, and the banking and support services are reliable and trustworthy. If 18bet’s support team cannot solve punters’ queries, punters may approach the licensing authority for assistance.

12bet Sportsbook

Review of 12bet Sportsbook

12bet Sportsbook offers sports betting to customers in Europe and Asia, and is regulated and fully licensed in both Asia and Europe.  They are the largest in the sports betting industry in Asia Pacific region.  Play is not available to players in the USA, however. They were awarded the ‘Competitor Intelligence for the Sports Betting Industry’ award by the IPT (In-Play Tracker).  They are regularly recognised as one of the top players in the sportsbook industry, are the betting partner of no other than Newcastle United FC and have previously been sponsors of Sevilla FC in Spain’s La Liga. They have a fully operational mobile site for those on the move.

Betting Market Coverage

12bet Sportsbook have over 5000 events each month on offer in football alone, which delivers approximately 18000 in-play markets monthly, and around another 1800 monthly on non football play0in events.  There are huge benefits from their 5 point spread, and live betting exists in almost all leagues, involving over 75 countries internationally. They do offer live streaming as well as a big variety of betting options within each market.

Asian handicap betting is also a big focus on this website, right up until the 91st minute. Some of the sports offered include boxing, motor racing, ice hockey, tennis, water polo, athletics, horse racing, darts, table tennis, beach volleyball, swimming and snooker, but there are many more on offer.   More than ¾ of the NBA matches which 12bet offer are live.

Live betting is available on NBA, football, baseball and tennis.  In football markets you have betting options for Asian handicap, correct score, under/over, odd/even, 1st goal and half time/full time.

Odds Offered

Probably the biggest advantage of betting with 12bet is that they offer high odds, and are becoming known as a leader in the sports betting world for this competitive edge.  The odds levels are from 1.93-1.93 up to 1.98-1.98. They offer an excellent platform.

Customer Service

12bet Sportsbook offer very comprehensive contact methods; open 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.  Live Chat, MSN, Skype; email support and telephone lines are all available.  They can assist punters in English, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai.  All dealings we have had with them have been super prompt, helpful and informed.

Currencies Offered, Deposit & Withdrawal Info

The large range of currencies offered on 12bet Sportsbook are USD, GBP, MYG, EUR, CHF, RMB, IDR, VND and AUD.   Deposits are possible through a great range of methods: Skrill, Neteller, Fast Bank Transfer, all of the major credit and debit cards and wire transfer.  You can withdraw all of your winnings using: Skrill, Neteller, Datacash, wire bank transfer and Datacash.  So they offer plenty of easy options for both paying in and cashing out.

Deposits and withdrawals with 12bet are free of charge.


A big range of promotions and special offers for AFL betting are always available on their website. 12bet is currently offering a 100% sign up bonus and a 33% sign up bonus for those wanting to make bigger deposits without the limits on the 100% bonus. Regular rewards and promotions are always up for grabs at this betting site.

Online casino free bonus

Online Casino Free Bonus Offers

Online casinos now come in every shape and size and by the thousands, and almost all of them offer new players some sort of bonus for signing up and playing. These bonuses are the main draw for both new and experienced players, and finding the best online casino free bonus is the key to finding a casino that suits the player’s needs.

While land-based casinos in Canada will always have that certain draw of the lights and atmosphere, they cannot compare to online casinos in sheer terms of both choice and promotions, and it is this promotional content that has made online casinos the go-to for players across the country that are looking for new games to play.

Online Casino Free Bonus: Welcome Bonus

Free bonuses that casinos offer come in many forms, ranging from simple, straightforward rewards to long-term loyalty bonuses that are awarded based on time spent at the casino. One of the first and most common online casino free bonus types is the welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus in most instances is awarded to players that meet certain requirements after they have signed up to a new casino. The requirements can vary depending on the policies of the casino, but most commonly it will be linked to the amount of time the player has spent; the amount they have deposited; or the number of games that they have played. After the requirements have been met, players can receive rewards such as credit to their account, free spins, or even real money that they are able to withdraw.

Online Casino Free Bonus: Match Bonus

The match bonus is a type of bonus that players will come across often, and is especially popular with Canadian online casinos. With this bonus, players will receive guaranteed returns which are matched to the amount that the player has deposited into the casino, which can often mean hundreds of dollars in certain circumstances.

Online Casino Free Bonus: Free Play Casinos

Another online casino free bonus comes in the form of a free play bonus, which is very similar to no deposit bonuses. Here, players receive rewards for signing up and playing with a casino, but instead of receiving cash rewards, players are given the chance to player a select number of games offered by the casino for free, such as free spins for slot games. Many of the games linked with the free play casino are also some of the latest, meaning players have a chance to play some of the newest games on the market.

Online Casino Free Bonus: Refer-A-Friend

The refer-a-friend is an extremely common type of reward, and is seen in many different markets. Players simply need to get a friend of theirs to sign up with the casino and once they have proven that they are indeed friends with the new person, the player will receive rewards from the casino.

Online Casino Free Bonus Overall

Online casino free bonus and promotions are the best way to filter out the different casinos online, giving players the opportunity to find a site that they can stay with permanently.

online casino bonus

The Casino Bonus Structure

New players in Canada opting for online casino bonus promotions are in for a treat. Nearly all-online casinos issue new and existing players from Canada with a free bonus reward.

These rewards are greater upon sign up, as sign up online casino bonus offers entice players to join the casino and allows for extended game play.

Extended game play becomes useful for new players from Canada as this allows for an adjustment period to acclimatize to the online casino and its operating software.

Free Credit Rewards

The most popular type of online casino bonus is a match up free credit reward or small no deposit free credit token.

No deposit free credits are generally a small token of appreciation from the provider. These token amounts vary and are usually insignificant when compared to deposit match up offers.

Deposit match up online casino bonus rewards are usually a percentage match up to a coupon amount. For example the most rewarding online casino bonus would be a 100% match up to a coupon stated.

Coupons rarely exceed 250 credits, with this in mind if the match is 100% on a 250-credit coupon, players from Canada can deposit any amount of credits up to but not exceeding 250 and receive a 100% free bonus.

This doubles your token amount and allows for extended game play, which is useful to new players from Canada seeking to test the platform and its functionality.

Free Spins

Free spins are given to new players on a predetermined game and at a fixed coin value. Players from Canada signing up with the casino will enjoy a slightly higher coin value coupled with a generous helping of spins.

A free spins online casino bonus is a useful tool that affords players from Canada with an opportunity to become accustomed to the random number generator software and the look and feel of the games on offer.

Existing Player Rewards

Certain casinos retain existing players from Canada and around the globe, by offering constant match up online casino bonus promotions. These match up offers vary from casino to casino and are generally less generous than any new player promotions.

All online casino bonus rewards are issued at the casinos discretion and existing players should be aware that many online casinos do not match every deposit made with a bonus.

Certain accounts qualify for a free bonus that does not allow for free credits to be added. In this case a free spins online casino bonus may be added to your account allowing for free play on a predetermined game.

Bonus Terms And Conditions 

All new and existing players from Canada should be aware that each and every online casino bonus accepted is interlinked to specific terms and conditions set out by the provider.

These terms and conditions stipulate a set of structured rules that influence payout procedures and withdrawal transactions.

Most online casino bonus rewards are linked to a play through requirement and players will need to wager through a specific amount of funds before running the play through requirement down to neutral and then making a withdrawal.

Online Casino

Free Online Casino Games in Canada

When it comes to gambling online, internet casinos offer many advantages over traditional land-based casinos. For starters, online casinos are open 24 hours a day and can be accessed from any computer, laptop or mobile device. But for many players, the best part about playing online is being able to play for free casino games without having to make a casino deposit. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at how to go about playing the latest online casino games for free right here in Canada.

Finding the Right Casino

If you are completely new to the world of online gambling, the good news is that getting started is really easy. All you need is a computer or laptop with a stable internet connection. Once you are ready to get started, the first step is to sign up with a reputable Canadian internet casino. If you have a look around, you will find that there are plenty of top-rated casinos to choose from. Before signing up, it is important to choose the right casino for your needs. For first time players, it is best to look for a casino that is user friendly, offers a wide range of games and has good reviews across the board.

Signing Up

Even if you are only planning on playing for free, it is always good to sign up with a casino that offers secure banking facilities and lucrative bonuses, just in case you want to swap over and play for real money. Once you have found a Canadian casino that ticks all your boxes, you can get started by creating your very own free online casino account. You can do this by clicking on the signup button located on the homepage of the casino’s website. Signing up is quick and easy, and you will be ready to go in no time.

Instant Access to Hundreds of Games

Once your account is activated, you have everything you need to start playing the latest slots and casino games for free. If you do want to play for real money at any time, you can simply make a deposit into your account and swap over when you want. In Canada, once you have an active account, you have unlimited access to hundreds of games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most online casinos offer two easy ways to play online.

Playing Online or Downloading the Software

The first way to get started playing your favourite casino games is to download the casino software. In Canada, all top-rated internet casinos offer a full download option as well as instant play games. By downloading the software, you get access every single game in high quality as well as account setting functions and banking facilities when you need it.

For first time players, the easiest way to get started is to play instantly online. You can do this by access the casinos flash website. Here, you can simply browse through the list of games on offer, choose a game you want to play and click on the game. The casino game will then automatically load and play in your web browser as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Gopher Gold

Gopher Gold Slots Game

Slot machines can be about pretty much anything. If they have gold or treasure in their titles, even better as it invokes the need to win real treasure or gold. Gopher Gold is one such slot with a rather bizarre theme which involves gold. In this game a set of mining gophers go looking for said gold with regular mining equipment.

The game is very simple, having only five paylines over five reels. You can chose to play only one payline or all five, but with so few playing less than five may be counterproductive. Each coin can value between 0.25 and 5, making the maximum bet for all lines 5 credits or coins. The games standing jackpot is only available to those who play with maximum bet. This is not a game for those who are looking for second screen bonus rounds or any special features. Gopher Gold is pure reel spinning action and not much else.

Old School Microgaming Graphics

In years gone by Microgaming had a very particular style of graphics in their online slot games. Gopher Gold is one such game with large, blocky style symbols on big reels which leave no room for any background. As the name suggests, there is a lot of gold in this slot. Below the reel are gold coins which lie behind the player info. The reels themselves are edged with gold and most of the symbols have gold in them too. Gopher Gold is a very simply laid out game with only the reels and the player info buttons taking up the whole screen. Line number are to the sides of the reels and are done in different colours, overall colours to the slot are black, and lots of gold.

Simple Symbols

The symbols in Gopher Gold keep up with the simplicity of the slot. Most of them are from a deck of cards, namely ten through to ace. These are done in big 2D cartoon style form with lots of gold. These are worth up to 500 times your line bet for the highest paying one, which is the Ace. The other four symbols in the game are more theme based with a stick of dynamite, a mining cart, a hurricane lamp and a pick axe granting you up to 5000 times your line bet. The highest paying symbol in the game is the Gopher Gold logo. This is the key to the standing jackpot as it will pay out 12000 times your line bet if you manage to find five of them in a row on an active payline.

Gopher Gold Wild

This is the games only special feature. The wild symbol in the game is a happy looking gopher with the world wild on him. He has a rather inane grin and is clutching a pick axe, presumably in the hopes of striking a rich vein of gold down in his gold mine. This symbol can be found on any of the reels and will replace all other base game symbols to create winning combinations. The symbols itself is not worth anything though.

Football Cup slot

Football Cup Slot Review

Football Cup Slot is a five reel, three row and twenty-five payline title developed by Games OS. Themed around the beautiful game of football and national banter within respective countries, Football Cup Slot offers players a unique slot structure with wild symbols and bonus symbols that trigger unique bonus features.


Players will be delighted to know that Football Cup slot is fully customizable. Players are able to adjust the wagered amount as well as the active paylines available, thus allowing for complete control over wagered amounts.

Football Cup Reel Symbols

Football Cup Slot supports quirky national pride and players can expect to see symbol characters representing their own respective countries. These countries include France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and England.

A unique star player represents each country in Football Cup Slot. The national characters are equipped with stereotypical apparel in order to represent national pride.

Players will be delighted to know that three matching national character symbols will award a payout and a 15X dynamic multiplier. Four matching character symbols will provide players with an incredible 40X multiplier and if players manage to land five matching national character symbols, a whopping 100X multiplier will be awarded.

Additional symbols include a whistle, goalkeeper gloves and a golden football boot trophy.

National Flags Wild Feature

The National Flag symbols in Football Cup Slot have two respective features. If players manage to land three, four or five National Flag wild symbols on the reels an instant prize will be awarded. The National Flag wild symbol also has the ability to substitute for all other standard symbols in the slot game, allowing for additional winning combinations to be made on the reels.

Football Cup Bonus Features

Football Cup Slot does not follow the typical video slot structure. The slot does offer players unique winning opportunities with an Extra Spin feature and a Lucky Locker Bonus round.

Extra Spin Feature

If players manage to land a winning combination, consisting of three or four matching symbols on the reels, Football Cup Slot will reward players with an additional spin. The remaining reels, which have no allocated winning symbols, will now spin, in order for additional winning combinations to be made on the reels.

Lucky Locker Bonus Features

If players manage to land three or more Bonus Cup symbols on the reels, the Lucky Locker bonus feature of Football Cup Slot will be triggered.

Once the Lucky Locker Bonus Feature has been initiated, players will be prompted to select a personal locker in order to reveal a random prize.

Players will be delighted to know that the Extra Spin feature of the slot is active during this bonus feature, allowing for potential big wins.

Try Your Luck

Games Os has incorporated a nifty and versatile Gamble feature into Football Cup Slot. If the Gamble feature is opted for after any winning combination, players will be pitted against a goalkeeper in a game of good old one on one.

Players will need to select one of the four corners of the goal posts to shoot the ball into. If players manage to outwit the keeper and score in any of the two bottom corners the prize will be doubled. Hitting the back of the net in any top corner will quadruple the winnings. Players should be aware that the feature ends if the goalkeeper saves the shot.

Age of Discovery

Age of Discovery Slots Game

Age of Discovery is a video slots game that sends players on 17th century sea adventures, where they will join explorers find new territories.

The game offers its players wild symbols, scatter symbols, high payouts, and a special pick’em treasure bonus game with jackpot wins.

Age of Discovery has been designed and developed by Microgaming. This is one of the world’s leading companies in online casino software design.

Sea Adventure Symbols and Payouts

The explorer theme is well-represented throughout the Age of Discovery video slots game, and players will find elements of sea adventures and sailing on the reels.

Some of the theme-specific symbols they will encounter include the explorer sailing ship, the coat of arms, gold coins, a compass, a sextant, and a mysterious sea monster. Other symbols include a range of exotic fruits, including the banana, papaya, mango, pomegranate, and the avocado.

In order to land a winning combination, players will need to land at least three or more of a matching symbol on an active pay line. The only exception here is the banana. Players will only need to land two banana symbols to form a winning combination.

The highest paying symbol in the Age of Discovery video slots game is the gold coin. Landing five gold coin symbols on an active pay line will pay out six thousand coins for every coin that is bet. This means that if players bet the maximum of ten coins, then the highest jackpot prize for landing five gold coin symbols will be sixty thousand coins.

Gold Coin Wild Symbol

The gold coin is not only the highest paying symbol in the Age of Discovery video slots game, but also operates as the wild symbol of the game. This means that the gold coin symbol can replace any of the other symbols to help players form winning combinations and receive the highest possible payouts while playing Android Keno games on the go.

Sea Monster Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the Age of Discovery video slots game is represented by the sea monster. If players land three or more sea monster scatter symbols, they will receive a winning payout, regardless of where on the reels the symbols appear. They can be scattered anywhere on the reels.

Age of Discovery Treasure Bonus Game

If players manage to land three or more compass symbols, this will trigger the Age of Discovery treasure bonus game. Players will be taken to a separate playing screen where they will be presented with a treasure map. This map contains thirty treasure sites on it, marked by an X. Players will need to pick these treasure sites to collect bonuses.

If players pick a treasure site and it contains a hidden treasure, then they will receive that treasure bonus. Players can continue to pick their treasure sites for as long as they can. However, if they reveal a skull and crossbones icon, then the treasure bonus round will come to an end and players will be returned to the main game. Players can stand the chance of winning over thirty thousand coins in the treasure bonus game.