Maxims casinos

Maxims Casinos London-Based Gambling Establishment

The establishment that Maxims casinos has available for players in London is set within a building fittingly dating from the 19th century, and provides a sophisticated setting similar to the one that would have been enjoyed by players from this period for exciting casino game play for all who patronise it.

Maxims casinos’ club in London is located in the prestigious, chic suburb of Kensington, and remains one of most popular destinations in this entire city. It is open every day of the week, from 2pm until 4am, and provides an intimate, unique setting for its main gaming floor. Various casino game tables are spread out through the building’s rooms, not crammed in together into one big floor as is usually the case with gambling venues in today’s hustle and bustle world.

Maxims Casinos London Club Games

At the London Maxims casinos venue there are 26 table games for patrons to enjoy, including roulette; craps; and blackjack. All of classic forms of casino entertainment are provided for and a wide array of stakes is available, sure to suit a wide gamut of players, no matter how low or high they prefer to wager. The eight American roulette tables allow for bets that range from as little as £1 to as much as £1 500, and the range for blackjack players is as wide: choose anything from just £10 to a much more eye-watering £10 000.

Maxims casinos venue in London has nine tables dedicated to stud poker, and the acceptable bets here are anything from £10 to £2,500. European roulette; baccarat and Chemin de Fer also make an appearance, although the slots machine options are noticeably absent. While this may seem to be a strange choice due to the overwhelming popularity these games are currently enjoying, it does add to the elegant atmosphere the venue is striving, and more than managing, to create.

The Atmosphere at Maxims Casinos London Club

Patrons will immediately be aware of the type of atmosphere the Maxims casinos London venue is trying to deliver: the establishment plays to the strengths of the space in terms of its intimacy, and much work has been done in order to retain a note of class and privacy that the gambling dens of old would have had in place for their visitors to enjoy.

Although membership at this club runs along the same lines as those in place for similar establishments, there is a noticeable absence of hierarchy, and new members and once-off visitors are not made to feel unwelcome or excluded at any time. The rooms available for play are small, and the staff employed to take care of players are well versed in how to do so.

The walls are a traditional European red, and the low lighting in use greatly contributes to the sophisticated ambience, helping to create the feeling of time travel players may well experience. Maxims casinos strives to offer the type of evening that would have been enjoyed before the intrusion of bright lights and loud noises, when simpler pleasures were the order of the day.


Maxims casino (Westcliff-on-sea)

Maxims Casino in Westcliff-on-sea on the Thames

Maxims casino in Westcliff-on-sea, or the Genting Club as it is also known, is a place to enjoy real money games, situated on Westcliff-on-Sea’s Western Esplanade, overlooking the Thames estuary at the waterfront there.

The very first Westcliff and Waterfront casinos were established in the 1970s, at Station Road’s Mill House. The present site, which used to be an open-air swimming pool, was taken over in 1987. It has since become the biggest provincial casino, and also the second largest one in all of Britain. Maxims casino was initially operated by Brent Walker, who then gave way to R J Brown Holdings. Genting UK eventually purchased it for an estimated £30 000 000.

Maxims Casino Features

Maxims casino provides a number of different slot machine games; electronic roulette terminals and table games. Players are able to enjoy American roulette; baccarat; three-card poker; blackjack and two-way Texas hold ‘em poker games as they wish to, among many others, as well as take refreshment at the restaurant overlooking the Thames estuary that is able to seat as many as 120 customers at any one time.

Only a very small portion of the Maxims casino building is used by the public: it actually does down three floors deep.

In November of 2007, two sister casinos, the Spielers and the Westcliff, were totally renovated by Genting Stanley in order to create the Southend Mint and Maxims clubs. Maxims casino underwent a further restoration in 2012 and has since become known as Genting Club Westcliff.

A Player Gets Lucky at Maxims Casino

A lucky player named Paul Bahbout managed to take home a £200 000 win in 2010 –a feat which managed to get him out of the disastrous debt issues he had been facing at the time of the win. This enormous windfall was secured at Maxims casino during a blackjack tournament that was being played across 12 casinos in the United Kingdom simultaneously. He mentioned planning the holiday of a lifetime to Dubai; Thailand and Las Vegas with some of the proceeds of this win, along with a few lucky friends, and hoped to ease the financial burden of a number of friends and family members with the remainder.

Mr Bahbout was unemployed at the time of this life-changing win, although he has spent the majority of his life managing restaurants and sports clubs. In order to secure the win, four aces in a single hand were required, and he had a side bet of £1 running, as part of the requirement for taking part in the tournament.

Spokeswoman for a gambling charity named GamCare added a word of warning to players down on their luck that may be tempted to bet more than they can afford to lose by the details of this story however, stating that gambling should always be treated as a hobby. A fun pastime that had walking away with a win as a bonus, not a necessity.

Grosvenor Casinos

The Gala Takeover by Grosvenor Casinos

Grosvenor Casinos accomplished their 19 casino takeover from the UK’s Gala Coral Group in May of 2013, an accomplishment that made them the single largest casino network in all of the United Kingdom. A similar agreement to this one, by which this group was to acquire 23 casinos from the Gala Group, had stalled in 2012. The revised 2013 agreement had four fewer casinos included in the offer, and it went through without a hitch.

Grosvenor Casinos offer players far more than just the opportunity to enjoy excellent slots; casino and card games: with tasteful bars; elegant restaurants and exciting entertainment options, a trip to one of their places to play will deliver an entire evening out.

Grosvenor Casinos Loyalty Card Scheme

In May of 2012, the first roll-out of their innovative plastic card service was implemented by Grosvenor Casinos, named Grosvenor Play Points and in use at 35 casinos across the United Kingdom. This was as a result of the Play Points and Grosvenor Casinos brands merger.

The Grosvenor Casinos Experience is Widely Available

Each of the these casinos has something individual to offer players, but all are certain to provide players with a safe; friendly; fun atmosphere in which to enjoy top quality casino games; meet friends for a night out; or simply enjoy first-rate entertainment alongside affordably priced food and drink options. Finding the nearest one to their locations is also very easy for players to do, with the simple submission of a postcode into the area provided for it online immediately returning the required information.

Casino Games Available at Grosvenor Casinos

Players sampling the services of Grosvenor Casinos will be able to enjoy a very good selection of table games, which include American roulette and blackjack, as well as all the most recently released slots titles and other electronic game machines. Poker rooms are readily available for those who prefer the game, and options are available in terms of renting the spaces as well.

Individuals who may be looking for a place to host an important meeting or function can arrange with Grosvenor Casinos to discuss rates for private rooms, making it a good choice for a team-building experience or an exclusive venue at which to entertain clients or colleagues. With 57 venues found across the nation, there are many opportunities for players to spend some time at one of this company’s venues.

Grosvenor Casinos Win Gaming Awards

Rank and Grosvenor scooped up the Casino Operator of the Year award at the International Gaming Awards ceremony in 2013. The Rank Group were also awarded, in both 2014 and 2015, an award which acknowledged the fact that their operations are always socially responsible.

Their HR team managed to earn the Women in Gaming’s Team of the Year independent awards in 2012, and were honoured for their Hearts and Minds programme, which concentrated on internal and employee acknowledgement. They then won again in 2014, and also managed to acquire the Inspiration of the Year award.


Crockfords Land-Based Casino in London

Crockfords was originally a gentlemen’s club, established in London in 1828 and dissolved in 1845. It was one of the first clubs of its kind, centred on gambling, and enjoyed a dashing, wild reputation in those early years. It’s found was a gentleman by the name of William Crockford, hence the name, who gave Messrs Benjamin and Philip Wyatt the job of creating the most lavish temple to the pleasure of gentlemen that London had ever seen. The current casino, whilst making use of much of the original’s sumptuous imagery and upper-class reputation, is actually located at a totally different building, and calls 30 Curzon Street its home.

Information on the Crockfords Casino’s Owner

William Crockford was born in 1776, and began his working life paying his dues at his father’s fish shop. His mathematical ability stood him in good stead it seems, since he very quickly turned to gambling in his spare time, and in a relatively short period of time managed to amass a tidy sum of money –enough to introduce himself into the land of Regency Clubs.

He subsequently purchased a building in St James Street and opened his casino, naming it Crockford’s, and set to swindling the aristocracy in earnest. In the process he managed to amass an extraordinary fortune, acquiring residences like 11 Carlton House, which Prime Minister William Gladstone eventually called home, and the sumptuous Panton House in Newmarket.

The founder of what is today known as Crockfords casino married twice. The first wedding was to a Miss Mary Lockwood, in 1801, and the subsequent one to Sarah Douglas in 1812. He went on to father 14 children before passing away in May of 1844, and lies buried within his family vault, underneath London’s Chapel of Kensal Green Cemetery.

The Crockfords Casino Organisation Today

In an attempt to keep up with the development of modern technology, Crockfords casino has now made its services available online as well as continuing to offer these at their Mayfair residence. They employ a dedicated customer service team in order to assist online players with any part of the online process they may need help with, and offer their own exclusive software that stands apart from that which the more commonly found providers do. The online casino’s operations are regulated in Dominica.

There are a number of different games for online players to enjoy at Crockfords casino, including blackjack; American blackjack; American roulette; roulette; prestige power poker; casino stud poker; Mayfair slots and magic money maker slot machine games. They also make various special offers and VIP packages available for dedicated players.

Crockfords casino offers monthly tournaments by means of their online site in which the individual cash prizes are divided across the prize fund’s total, and supports an array of banking options by which prospective players can deposit money with which to play into their online accounts. The games on offer have smooth graphics, and the Crockfords software allows for some interesting options for players to take advantage of, like being able to select not only a table, but a seat at the desired table as well.


Aspinall’s Gentlemen’s Club in London, England

The headquarters for Aspinall’s, a gentlemen’s club, is located at 27-28 Curzon Street, in Mayfair, London, England. It offers casino services to its members, and is owned by Damian Aspinall and Crown Resorts Limited.

It is a restricted gambling club, and the most recent of a string of these which were set up by John Aspinall in the 1960s. The design for the current building was completed by Tessa Kennedy, a British interior designer.

The History of Aspinall’s Gentlemen’s Club

Aspers, the name by which the club found John Aspinall was known to his friends, was an environmentalist as well as the stepson of Sir George Osborne. He bred wild animals, and relied heavily on his house winnings in order to fund his zoos. When Aspinall’s first began, its clientele was largely made up of flourishing aristocrats and their offspring, with the later frittering large parts of their unearned, considerable incomes away at the tables. The steady decline in the estates and wealth of the majority of the English upper classes has, however, resulted into the club’s members becoming far more representative of the current Mayfair constituency today.

The hush-hush reputation of Aspinall’s was mostly preserved until the 1970s, when Lord Lucan, a close friend of John Aspinall’s and an immoderate gambler, disappeared in a yet unsolved mystery that continues to fascinate armchair detectives the world round. Aspinall had a bust of his missing friend commissioned eventually, and this remains on prominent display at the club.

Aspinall’s is now under the control of the founder’s son, Damian Aspinall, who has 50% of the stake, with Crown Resorts, the global entertainment chain based in Australia, making up the rest of the ownership.

The Scandal of Lord Lucan

Lord Lucan, the 7th Earl of Lucan, or Richard John Bingham, was a murder suspect who vanished without a trace in 1974. This British peer was born into a Marylebone aristocratic family, and developed a passion for gambling upon his return from serving with the Coldstream Guards in West Germany in 1955. He had particular skill in both bridge and backgammon, and, even though he often lost more than he won, he eventually resigned from his position at a London bank and turned to gambling as a full time occupation.

Lord Lucan’s good looks had him considered at one point for the part of James Bond, and his expensive tastes suited this character perfectly: he not only drove an Aston Martin, but enjoyed racing power boats as well. His 1963 marriage to Veronica Duncan resulted in three children being born, but collapsed in 1972. The bitter custody battle which ensued was won by his now ex-wife and this seemed to drive Lord Lucan over the edge. His fixation on regaining custody of his children combined with the pressure which his sometimes enormous losses were putting on him seems to have played havoc with his state of mind.

On the 7th of November 1974 his children’s nanny, a Sandra Rivett was brutally bludgeoned to death inside the Lucan family home, and Lady Lucan herself was also attacked. She was able to identify Lord Lucan as her assailant, and the police started a murder investigation at once. At this point Lord Lucan made a telephone call to his mother, requesting that she collect his children, and then drove a Ford Corsair that he had borrowed to a house in Uckfield, East Sussex. When he left this property a number of hours later he seemingly vanished into thin air, and the mystery of where he went remains unsolved to this day.

Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

The Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

The Boardwalk Hotel and Casino was located on the Las Vegas strip in Paradise, Nevada between the Bellagio and the Monte Carlo and across the strip from Aladdin, Paris and the MGM Grand. The hotel and casino establishment was built before the age of the massive mega casinos and only provided 654 hotel rooms.

The hotel and casino establishment was owned and operated by MGM Mirage and featured a carnival theme based on Coney Island. The resort’s façade showcased the carnival theme with a fake wooden roller coaster from 1906 and a parachute jump ride as well as a giant clown mouth which made up the entrance to the establishment.

The Boardwalk Hotel and Casino Features

Since 1996 the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino consisted of three distinctive buildings made up of the 16 story tower which had been completed in 1996, the Steeplechase building which consisted of six floors and the original four floor building which had been a Holiday Inn. The hotel rooms provided typical amenities and were brightly decorated to follow the theme of the place.

A showroom was available for live entertainment where cover bands played tribute to Elvis Presley and Prince. There were also a small variety of dining establishments including one that offered very low cost breakfasts. The sportsbook and casino was home to a variety of casino games and a sports bar which was located nearby the gaming action.

History of Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

The site of the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino was originally home to a 200 room Holiday Inn that opened its doors in 1966. Eventually, Norbert Jansen, who was the owner of Pioneer Club at the time, opened a Holiday Gifts adjacent to the hotel along with the Slot Joynt casino and in 1985 the hotel was renamed the Viscount Hotel. Norbert Jansen rebranded the hotel Boardwalk Hotel and Casino by 1989 but it had also been referred to as Holiday Inn Casino Boardwalk and Boardwalk holiday Inn.

Birth of the Coney Island Themed Resort

Boardwalk Hotel and Casino became a public corporation in 1994 called Boardwalk Casino Inc. In 1995 the Coney Island themed façade was built and the following year saw the completion of the 451 room hotel tower.

Mirage Resorts took over ownership in 1997 but it was only in 2000 that the Holiday Inn association and name was dropped when MGM Mirage took total control over the resort.

The Closing of Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

Since the resort was built before massive casinos it was relatively smaller than all of the neighbouring establishments which offered thousands of hotel rooms. This and the fact that space was need for a new development was the reason the the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino closed its doors and was torn down. The hotel and casino closed its doors on the 9th of January, 2006 and on May the 9th the main hotel tower was imploded.

The location was very central to visitors of Las Vegas which is why it became the location of the new development, CityCenter which is an urban complex for mixed use.

Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa

Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa

Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa is a casino that features five restaurants, a bar, a full service spa and a hotel with over 400 rooms. The venue is located in Michigan City, Indiana and is close to various attractions like the Washington Park Zoo, Whittaker Woods Golf Course and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Staying and Playing at Blue Chip

The hotel consists of the Spa Blue Tower and the Blue Chip Tower which together house 486 luxury rooms. The rooms all feature the necessary amenities and free wireless internet. In house room service is available too. The hotel area also features a fitness centre and an indoor pool with floor to ceiling windows offering an outdoor view.

The casino takes up 65 000 sq. ft. on one level of the Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa. It is open twenty four hours a day, every day of the week, all year round. The casino is home to 44 table games which include mini baccarat; blackjack; craps and roulette. There are eight live poker tables and over 1 700 slot machines including Penny Lane where all the greatest penny slots are.

Players at Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa can join the B Connected rewards programme. The programme consists of multiple tiers and offers bigger and better rewards the higher the tiered levels are climbed.

Blue Chip Dining and Entertainment

The five restaurants at Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa include a wide variety from sizzling steaks to small and quick snacks. The restaurants include William B’s Steakhouse; Its Vegas Baby; The Game; Options Buffet and Nelson’s Deli. Blue Chip’s King of the Road is a mobile food truck offering snacks on the go. Rocks Lounge is the bar that not only serves drinks but also offers live music entertainment.

When it comes to intimate live entertainment, both Rocks Lounge and Its Vegas Baby host anything from local bands to comedy acts. The Stardust Event Centre is the entertainment destination where the biggest names in the music and comedy industries perform. The centre is the region’s best destination for live entertainment.

Relaxing at the Blue Chip Spa

Spa Blu is the place to retreat to for relaxing spa treatments. The spa features nine treatment rooms; steam rooms; whirlpools and individual lounges. Comprehensive beauty and health treatments are offered which can be tailor made to suit each guest. There is a full service salon that offers manicures; pedicures; hair and make-up services.

Other Amenities at Blue Chip

Shopping at Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa can be done at two shops within the venue where anything from every day necessities to special gift trinkets can be purchased. These are the Gift Box and the Its Vegas Bay retail store.

Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa provides over 9 000 sq. ft. of meeting space where decorated ball rooms of various sizes are available for various events. Anything from business meetings to weddings can be held in these areas. A professional planner is available to assist with coordinating the event and a catering menu is provided to have the event catered for.


An Introduction to Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Bellagio is a luxury hotel and casino resort which, at the time of its opening, was the most expensive hotel and casino to ever be built. It was built on the site of the Dunes Hotel and Casino which was previously demolished. The theme of the hotel and casino is inspired by the small Lake Como town in Italy of the same name.

The hotel and casino resort is famed for its opulence and elegance and is a true feature of its location on the Las Vegas strip in Paradise, Nevada. It is also the very first resort on the strip to receive the AAA Five Diamond Award more than ten times consecutively of which it has in fact won fifteen times in a row from 2000 to 2015. Two restaurants have also received this reward and Michelin stars have also been awarded. Bellagio is a member of the leading hotels of the world and is listed on Conde Nast’s top hotels in the world.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino Attractions

The most notable feature, being the front view of the building, is the 8 acre lake situated between the Las Vegas strip and the resort. This is home to the Fountains of Bellagio which is a famous feature of dancing water that is synchronized to lights and music.

The lobby ceiling is covered with 2 000 hand blown glass flowers by Dale Chihuly which is named Fiori di Como. Cirque du Soleil’s “O” is a longstanding production featured at the resort.

A conservatory and botanical garden is featured where five seasons are displayed at their respective times. These include the Chinese New Year; spring; summer; fall and winter. It is situated alongside the lobby of the hotel and is open to public visitors. The Bellagio gallery of fine art is a rotating exhibition space which is found along the pool promenade. A spa and a salon is available for pampering and exclusive designer boutiques provide a shopping experience.

Bellagio Hotel Towers and Casino Floor

The primary hotel tower at the Bellagio is a 36 floor tower and home to 3 015 rooms. Just south of this tower is the spa tower which is 33 floors high and has 935 rooms.

The casino offers many slot machines, video poker machines and tables for the most popular table games and more. The poker room at Bellagio is considered the office of many professional poker players who choose to play there. The tables in the poker room offer high table limits. Bobby’s room, named after Bobby Baldwin, is home to the Big Game which is a high stakes game where the pot can far exceed the million mark. The World Poker Tour hosts a variety of their poker tournaments here too.

M life is the rewards programme available for not only playing at the casino, but all purchases; events and dining experiences are awarded too. Express comps and Pointplay offer points at the casino for playing a variety slots, video poker or table games. Comps earned can be redeemed for hotel accommodation, dining; entertainment and more.

Beau Rivage

Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino Resort

Beau Rivage is a hotel and casino resort in Biloxi, Mississippi. It is a 32 story building that originally opened in 1999. The resort features a casino; a variety of restaurants and bars; a hotel with over 1 000 rooms; a large meeting space and is both the tallest and the largest building in Mississippi.

Beau Rivage is owned and operated by MGM Resorts Int. who also happen to own the famed Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip. It is the biggest resort to receive the AAA Four Diamond Award in the southeast. Over 3 000 people are employed at the resort making it the largest employer within the Biloxi area.

Features of the Beau Rivage Casino

The Beau Rivage casino is 76 000 sq. ft. gaming floor offering more than 80 table games; over 2 000 slot machines; 230 video poker machines and a 16 table poker room. MGM Mirage operates the casino which bears a striking resemblance to the elegance of the Bellagio. Members of the MGM Mirage players club can make use of their cards and earn or redeem points here or any of the other MGM properties.

High rollers have exclusive access to a high rollers room where ten blackjack tables and an alternating roulette and baccarat table can be found. This room also features a slot area with 100 high stake slot machines. Players in this room can make use of private restrooms, an exclusive buffet and lounge; concierge services and dedicated cashiers.

The Beau Rivage Hotel Rooms

A total of 1 740 hotel rooms are available at Beau Rivage. These include 95 suites. All of the rooms feature contemporary design with original artwork and cherry wood furniture. Views are either of the Back Bay or the Mississippi gulf. Standard amenities are available in the rooms including a flat screen television. The bathrooms feature Grecian marble floors, bath tubs for soaking in and separate showers.

Alternative Attractions at Beau Rivage

Apart from playing at the Beau Rivage casino, visitors can enjoy live entertainment in the 1 550 seat theatre. Top artists like Jay Leno; The Beach Boys; Wayne Newton and Olivia Newton-John have performed here.

The restaurant options include BR Prime which is the resorts signature restaurant; Jia which serves Asian cuisine; Coast Restaurant; The Buffet; Coast; Stalla and the Terrace Café. There are ten boutiques where various merchandise can be purchased. Anything from jewellery; children’s apparel; menswear and ladies wear to accessories and cosmetics can be purchased at the stores which include a bargain boutique that sells all of their items for $10.

Relaxation and pampering can be found at the 20 000 sq. ft. Beau Rivage spa where all sorts of treatments and therapeutic massages are available. The spa features 14 massage rooms; two private pedicure rooms and one group room that accommodates up to five; four facial rooms; five manicure tables; five hair stylist stations and three make up stations. A workout facility is available with steam rooms; saunas and whirlpools.

North of the resort lies a Tom Fazio designed golf course which features a lush landscape full of mature oaks, magnolias and pine trees.

Bear Claw Casino and Hotel

About Bear Claw Casino and Hotel

Bear Claw Casino and Hotel is situated on the White Bear First Nations in Moose Mountains Saskatchewan, Canada and is currently owned by the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority. The casino operates every day of the week and the 30 000 sq. ft. venue hosts not only a hotel and casino but a banquet hall, meeting room, a restaurant, lounge, gift shop, outdoor camper stalls, an outdoor event area and more.

Bear Claw Casino and Hotel employs over one hundred local residents and provides a friendly and welcoming environment for all visitors and players. The casino sees players from all over the province and from as far as Manitoba and the northern states of the USA.

The History of Bear Claw

Bear Claw Casino and Hotel was the very first casino, operated by a native group, to open in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1993. The venue was originally situated on the White Bear First Nations Golf Course in the group’s club house but in 1996 the casino and hotel moved to its current location. At the time there was a contentious battle over jurisdiction and casino activities between the First Nations Group and the provincial government.

Since then Bear Claw Casino and Hotel has been running successfully but in 2010 the hotel was renovated when the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority took over operations. It was then the first hotel ever to be operated by the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.

The Bear Claw Casino Features

The large casino gaming floor at the Bear Claw Casino and Hotel is home to over one hundred ticket in ticket out slot machines and a small selection of live table games. The casino also features Growlers Restaurant which serves a breakfast menu and a full menu for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is open every day of the week from 8am to 9pm.

The Bear Necessities gift shop is available at the casino as well as a stage for live entertainment. A free shuttle service to and from the casino is also available.

What the Bear Claw Hotel Offers

The Bear Claw Casino and Hotel features thirty five hotel rooms including queen rooms, king junior executive suites and executive suites. The hotel rooms offer a desk and chair, free coffee on a daily basis as well as a coffee maker, free Wi-Fi and satellite television, in door climate control, an iron and ironing board, a hairdryer and more.

The hotel also provides a banquet hall and a meeting room. These are called Mistahi-Maskwa and Apisci-Maskwa which means big bear room and little bear room respectively.

The big bear room is 3 400 sq. ft. and seats 125 for banqueting purposes and 200 for theatre purposes. The room hosts any sort of event from weddings to annual meetings and provides a full catering service and equipment for audio visual purposes.

The little bear room provides a board room type of environment where meetings or small events can take place. The room offers seating for up to 15 people and provides all the necessary technology that may be required for business.